Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patricks Day

I hope you all are having a wonderful day, work has been very busy this week so I have been coming home exhausted. We were excited to see in the mail today that Lauren passed the first part of her state boards, she will be taking the second part soon and will have her cosmetology license sometime in April, so please be praying for her new career and a job in a hair salon. She is working temp jobs until this happens and also she is moving out this weekend with one of her high school girlfriends that has finished school and is working in the business world. I am excited for her but kinda sad that my baby is all grown up and moving out, we will be empty nesters for the first time since she attended college and cosmotology school and lived at home. On the other hand I have a spare bedroom to redecorate so lots of ideals, and yes I am still painting cabinets its going slow since I'm so busy at work. Jace has had a stomach bug thats been going around at his daycare and been very cranky so his mommy says. Hope you all have a blessed day....Barb


Lisa said...



Janene said...

How great to have a professioal relative to cut and style your hair without even making an appointment!
I will be sending good vibes her way when she takes the second part of her test! I am sure she will do great! The good thing about her career choice is that everyone has to get their hair cut...no matter how bad the economy gets!
Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

So blessed! said...

Yippee Lauren. Will be praying for a job to come your way that you will love. Empty nest is tough at first, but it gets great really quick! ;-)

Nancy said...

I'll pray that Jace feels better.

Good for your daughter!! Having an empty nest is not so bad ~ you'll soon love it, I promise. At least the girls will are close by and will be stopping by often. My one and only is in the Bay Area and it's really hard. She went off to Berkeley for college and never came back :(