Thursday, March 5, 2009

Haircut Time!

Some of the monkey grass in my yard had a haircut today, the folks that lived here before us must have really loved this stuff because I have alot of it in my yard. I guess they planted it because it requires very little work and it's very hard to kill. I use the weed-eater because if I did it by hand it would take days and I wouldn't be able to move. My other project I started tonight painting my bathroom cabinets, I have lived with the standard oak cabinets for 5 years and just didn't like them. I have primer on parts and am going to paint Churchill Hotel Vanilla and then put a mocha glaze over that when I get finished I will show you a pic. If it turns out really great I am going to do my kitchen cabinets, that's going to be a job. Talk to you all soon....Barb


Brenda said...

Funny I worked on my bathroom cabinets today. Mine were white so roughed them up and wiped with stain.

la said...

Awhhh, yay ! I feel Spring coming on !

Jaz said...

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