Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gigi's Bragging.

I'm late posting tonight, we had our grandson for a while tonight while mommy ran errands.What a little charmer he is, with those big baby blues and that smile. Papaw picked him up from pre-school this afternoon and one of his teachers said he's going to be a knock-out when he gets older. His manners are getting so good and the potty training is going well, he's been promised batman underwear as soon as he's staying dry in pull ups. We played with cars and transformers and just let me tell you this 47 year old woman doesn't understand how to work a transformer (under my breathe I was like for pity sake's it a toy how come I can't do this).Jace will be 3 in May and he's talking about a batman party and what toys he wants I think my daughter is going to have it at the local bowling ally and they will put up bumper guards so they can bowl. She is looking for the cartoon batman party stuff (not the dark knight thats too advanced) and we are going to try and find some of the old Adam West DVD shows for him.I guess you can't tell how much joy he brings to us....Barb


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He is blessed to have Grandparents that love him so much and that will bring him up in the Lord. Bless you for being there for your daughter.

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