Friday, March 13, 2009

Grocery List & Coupons

I've never been much of a list maker but, these days I seem to be getting in the habit more and more. With the economy being unstable and everyone being on a budget I see more people at the grocery store with list's and coupons. I saw a lady on t.v. the other day that spends about $30.00 - $40.00 a week for over a $100.00 worth of groceries that's what I would love to be able to do. So if any of you have any suggestions feel free to let me know, I have been buying my cleaning supplies at dollar tree so that has been saving me money and as soon as our farmer's market opens for the season that always helps. As you have read in an earlier post our goal is to pay off all college loans in 2 years. My hubby always says I can stretch a dollar better than anyone he knows but I am always on the lookout for any suggestions have a blessed day.....Barb


Nancy said...

Be careful with coupons - sometimes the name brands cost more even with a coupon! I grow a lot of our own vegies so all I have to buy is meat, yogurt, etc. Can you start a garden?

I also make large pots of soup that we take to work for the week. It may be a little boring but it goes far.

Have a blessed weekend and don't work too hard.


Anonymous said...

I have really been getting upset when I go to grocery shop. Prices have gone nuts. The thing that blows my mind most is Little Debbie cakes in the box. All our live that was a great cheap snack. They went up as much as 1.74 a box for some.I mean last month they had them in Dollar tree.I have started hitting the food isle there too. While dad and I were there I found many things. Even the good old bugle chips for $1. I have also started a shelf were I am buying more things to stock up. I know we all use cream soup to cook with and it is going sky high. I found the best price at Dollar General.
If you have a Wal Greens watch their Sunday sale. I only go buy the coupon items and I get the limit.
They say fruit is going up high.I am stocking up on can fruit.With the bread machine I hope to never buy bread. I go to the back of WM and see if they have clearance I get buns,rolls and sometime sweet rolls and freeze. Buy frozen juice it is much cheaper.I think I will can more Jelly this year dad says it last years .If I find people that have pear or plum trees I will sure take them.
If I think of any more help I will write you and I might just do a post soon on this.

Marge said...

I agree that you need to be careful with coupons. I know that some stores will double coupons up to $1. That helps a lot. I do think we all get caught up in 'saving' money and really need to concentrate on not 'wasting' money. So much food is thown out because leftovers are not utilized or it has spoiled. If I find milk on sale, I'll freeze it for later use. You can even freeze it in ice cube trays & put it in a zip lock bag. Then you can pull out what you need for a recipe. I also do this for leftover chicken or beef broth, juice, etc.