Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crunch Time

We have been working on a budget today, those college loans are rolling in so it's time to tighten up our belts. We are going to try and have them paid off in 2 years, there are some other things we want to pay off also. So no vacation away this year ( I'll look at pics from other years) but that's ok I'd rather get out of debt. I know many people are having hard times considering the economy so we are happy we have jobs, a home and can pay our bills. Also God has been working on some things I have been praying about and I am so thankful for that. Here's to coupon clipping ( which I enjoy) I know I'm strange. I hope to show you pics of my bathroom cabinets tomorrow.....Barb (Please say a prayer for Lauren tomorrow she has her first half of state boards)


Nancy said...

Good for you two. Being out of debt is so freeing. The situation with the world economy is so scary - who know what will happen tomorrow. We are trying to save like crazy in case one of us gets laid off. It's in the Lord's hands, isn't it?

Have a good week Barb!


Wendy said...

Way to go Barb!! What a weight that will be lifted off getting those paid off!! Can't wait to see your cabinets!!! Have a great week!~Wendy

Lisa said...



Marie-Noyale said...

You have been working hard this weekend!!!
But you must be so happy with the results...If you are like me even a small change and it's like having a new room!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

My kids ahve been out of undergraduate colllege for years, and we are still paying off their bills, but it was well worth it. I love using coupons too! I always feel smarter paying less ofr something.