Sunday, March 15, 2009

Arkansas State Capitol

Today I thought I would share some history about my state of Arkansas. Construction of our state capitol building took 16 years from 1899-1915, the exterior is made of limestone. It was built as a replica of the US capitol the front doors are made of bronze and purchased from Tiffany's for $10,000.00 and the cupola is covered in 24 karet gold leaf. It house's many goverment offices and a gift shop that features all Arkansas made products. Many brides to be have their wedding photo's made here because it is a beautiful back drop for photos inside and out.We have also been to a wedding in the rotunda and it was beautiful,when my children were young we always went at Christmas to see Santa and outside they had a tree from each Arkansas county and a beautiful manger scene. If you are ever visiting our state you need to make time to visit this historic building....Barb


So blessed! said...

Been there and loved it. A good friend and ex boss of mine is now living in your city.

JM said...

Beautiful building and great information too!

Nancy said...

Hi Barb-
Sorry haven't been on line in a while. Love the new look of the blog!

Have a great day.


Sherry said...

How neat!
I love the capitals in our states.

I think that little cupcake eater is a cutie too!