Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mommy and her boy!

Rachel had a nice birthday, we celebrated Sunday with her I made spaghetti chicken toss, salad and french bread. I also made a birthday cake and chocolate covered strawberries, Lauren brought her new boyfriend and Rachel has started dating a young man she knew from high school. They went to church sunday and she picked up her puppy ( a gift she gave herself) a miniature chihuahua that she named Marley and Jace is in love with the puppy. She seems very happy and has decided the relationship with her ex-husband is never going to work out, he is not interested in counseling and doesn't want to be a full time parent, so I am just praying that God when the time is right will send her a christian man that will love her and Jace. I have started my second week of boot camp workouts and I think I am seeing some changes in my body (yeah) and I am trying to finish my kitchen cabinets, I will try and post the recipe for the spaghetti chicken toss soon. It's an easy recipe and very good, may you all have a wonderful and blessed day....Barb


Sweet Nothings said...

Yum the spaghetti chicken toss sounds great! Can't wait for the recipe! I'll be praying that the right man comes in to your daughter's and grandson's life as well. Glad she had a good birthday celebration!

shamrock fields said...

The Spaghetti Chicken Toss really sounds great. Glad your daughters had a great day! Bless you-