Thursday, March 4, 2010


This afternoon after I came home from work I had a little time to start cleaning out flowerbeds around my home.We had a beautiful day of sunshine and warm weather so it was wonderful to be outdoors for some fresh air. We had dinner with the kids last night ( I know their grown but I still call them kids) Rachel is having morning sickness off and on all day and with her being so small starting to show, she signed Jace up to play T-Ball this spring so he is excited about that. Lauren and her future room-mate will be looking for an apartment soon so hopefully they can find something nice in their budget,have a blessed week-end....Barb


Cezar and Léia said...

Hello sweet Barb,
so great news, I'm glad that you are well and also the girls.I hope Lauren can find a beautiful and blessed place to live, she is so adorable and a great daughter, I Rachel, I wish all best to both of them.
have a blessed weekend!

Tara said...

Love lavendar! Glad you are feeling better. Wish I were. Can't seem to shake this stuff before it hits me again. Been to doctor 4 times in past 2 months. So ready to feel good again!