Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ideals for baby room

you guys are all so talented and have so many great ideals so I'm going to ask you for ideals for my daughters new baby's room. If its a girl they are thinking of using purple and brown and paint stripes on the walls and glaze it. We are open to decor suggestions and bedding colors if it's a boy the color will be a medium green and brown so any suggestions for wall decor or bedding and rugs on a budget....Barb


Barb said...

feel free to think outsidtr the box

Anonymous said...


Vickie said...

I have seen some cute baby/little boy rooms with greens and browns - is Rachel into painting on the walls? I've seen a friend of mine painted a huge tree in a corner of the room whose branches reached out on two walls almost across both of those walls. Then, she had the grass and ground areas and added all kinds of little boy lizards and frogs and bugs and stuff. She had monkeys and parrots hanging out of the trees. The sky's the limit on something like that.

I know today's young people like a more sophisticated look sometimes instead of cutesy, but this was really neat - maybe a cute little camo comforter or such. They have such pretty fabrics now with different themes. Is Rachel going to be doing the bedding herself or buying it readymade?

Anyway, there's my thoughts for whatever it's worth. I'm an artist, too. If I lived nearer, I'd come and paint it for her!
Let us know what she decides to do!