Saturday, June 13, 2009

here's some picks of the new family to be

Lauren took these pics when she was over a few weeks ago to send out for save the date cards,for the wedding in Feb. I went yesterday and got quotes on bride and groom cakes and delivery charges.The dress has been ordered on ebay now to find jewlery and shoes,I would love for her to wear my pearls but she says she is not a pearl girl.So we will have to see what we come up with.Please continue with your imput on ideals.....Barb


Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Barb!
What a beautiful and blessed new family!
They look so happy in this shot and I really mean it!
The power of love changes everything for good in our lives!

When I see this wonderful family news I can't avoid to think about my teenager daughter Marina.She is only 15 now but time goes so fast and I know someday she will be living this kind of experience in her life.She will join someone, a "prince" I hope so ( LOL )and holding hands they will follow their way together.
When pure and blessed love bonds a couple, they complete each other and give strength to go ahead!
Everything will be perfect and beautiful!I'm so happy for you friends!
God bless you all

Janene said...

Barb~They look so happy together!