Friday, January 23, 2009

With A Little White Paint......

Don't you just love paint? It can change the look of just about anything. The larger of the candlesticks I found at the goodwill store a few dollars and the smaller one at a local dollar store.They were both different colors and to unify the look I am just slapping on some white paint.I am going to try and find one more because I think it would look better with a group of three.I am putting these in my guest bathroom I have found a new shower curtain that I am going to order. and I think I am going to paint my cabinets a warm creamy color.I took the old ugly wallpaper down and put plaster on the walls and painted a dark gold and put a lighter gold over that. I also pulled up the original vinyl flooring and stained the floor.We have been in our home almost five years,it was about 20 years old and had not been updated. We love the floorplan and got a really good deal because the people that owned had already moved out of state. When the new shower curtain comes in I will post some photos. Have a blessed day.....Barb


Wendy said...

Oh those look really good!! Can't wait to see the bathroom all done!! Have a wonderfully Blessed weekend!!~Wendy

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

I have some candle holders like that. I painted them white and sanded them in some areas to add some distressing. Bought mine for $2 each at a garage sale & they were ugly before and gorgeous now! I think I have them on my blog from a couple months ago.

Thanks for your kind words. I felt bad complaining about not being able to build our new dream house when I started thinking about so many people losing their homes. I am grateful today and was happy to get the proceed check from the sale of our 1 1/2 acre lot today. God is Good & I Trust Him!

Have a Super Weekend!

Nancy said...

You are so creative Barb. I LOVE the crosses and you've given me an idea for a bedroom wall that has been ignored far too long.

Hope all is well and God Bless.


Susie Harris said...

Girl those things rock! I just love when I can go into the good will and fill the cheer!!! Sweet

Jeannelle said...

I love your Eiffel Tower header photo!

You sound very creative, your eye always seeing what could be put together for beauty. That's a wonderful gift.

I have a daughter named Rachel, too.