Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hand Painted Trays

I have two of these trays that were my husband's grandmothers, on the back its has a gold sticker that says Fine Arts Studio Phila.6,PA. If anyone has any history on how old they might be and any info about the studio that would be a fun fact to know. It's kinda funny how I came to have these my mother in law was having a yard sale and told me I could come by the day before and see if there was anything I wanted. She was going to sell these, they were her mothers and had been her attic for sometime.Well I quickly picked them up along with a few other things I'll show you later. I am so happy they are mine I love them.Have a blessed day.......Barb (P.S. love the ideals for my mantel now I just have to decide.I am thinking about painting it black and having a bigger mantel made painting the bricks will have to wait until I have some other projects done.I have a very long list)


Nancy said...

I bet you are happy--what a find! Maybe you should peak around her attic and see what else you can find ;)

Take Care!


Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Wow barb thsoe trays are lovely! I'm glad you saved them from being sold at the yard sale! Thye would look nice mounted on the wall.

I like your idea of painting the fireplace black!