Monday, January 12, 2009

My Cute Silver Trays

I completed this project of some old silver trays that I have had forever with a little blackboard paint some cute french country black and white plaid ribbon, new dining room decor very cheap. Very fast, easy and oh so cute. My daughter is trying to steal these for her house so I must start searching my local goodwill and flea markets for some cheap silver trays. Of course I saw this on another talented bloggers site and knew I had do this for my dining room. Also I have to show your my newest little find a shabby tin french looking vase that I bought for a few dollars I think it will find a home on my coffeetable with some fresh flowers. Now its off to the dreaded treadmill to walk take care.............Barb


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by. My husband was born in Malvern and has many family members up that way.I have family in Little Rock. Small world isn't it?

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Barb! Thank you for the get well wishes!

I love your silver trays. What a great idea! You really can find some nice things at thrift stores that brighten up a home.

Have a great day,

Nancy said...

I just may have to copy those trays.

I see you like Paris - I met my French husband there while on vacation. God is good.

Merci for visiting my blog!

God Bless,


keeper of the chocolates said...

hi barb, I have enjoyed catching up with your blog. My prayers are with your daughter and grandbaby as they endure a painful time, and it makes me smile to see what a wonderful strength you are to them both. thank you for the lovely supportive comment you left for me on my blog. it meant a lot to me ....

God bless you and yours today,

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

I can see why your daughter wants to take those darling little trays home, they are just so cute!

I too love Paris and all things that sparkle. And walking... ugh! (gotta do it though ;)
Happy day!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Barb!

Thanks for visiitng my blog and leaving sucha nice comment!

The silver tray balckboards is such a nice idea --my daughter would love those too! Now I'll have to keep my eye open for trays to use to copy you :-)

I have yet to visit Paris -- have you? I hope someday it will happen! Love your blog header!

Hugs, Pat

Wendy said...

Oh how creative!! Now you have these great one of a kind cnow!!! God Bless!~Wendyhalk boards!!! Thank you for coming by my blog I will add you to my list

Paige said...

I came over from Joys of Home. I love your idea with the small plaques. Thanks for sharing!