Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We are all doing fine just tired, I am thankful Rachel only lives about 10 minutes from me so its easy to run back and forth. I forgot how tiring a newborn is and the new parents are really tired he's had his days and nights mixed up which always seems to happen with newborns. I spent the first three nights with them and took off work this week to take Jace to school and cook and clean at Rachel's, we took Gage to his first doctor visit today and he's gained 3 ounces and looks great. Jace is doing very well with him and is very protective, he wakes up around 11:00 PM and wants to stay awake until 4:00 AM so praying this won't last much longer....Barb


Angie said...

My babies were the same way...little night owls! Our magic number was at about 2 months...then they just started sleeping through the night. I hope that happens for you guys too. It is so tiring...for now ya just have to be be on his schedule and sleep when he sleeps. He is soooo cute though...makes it all worth it!

Hugs ~ Angie

Tara said...

i remember those days well. seems like just yesterday. he sure is a cutie. hope you all rest up soon.

Cezar and Léia said...

Sweet Barb, thanks for the great news.Glad that everything is going well there, Gage is so adorable!A blessed moment for all family, I can imagine how tired all there can be in this moment but it's normal, Rachel is so lucky to have you near her place.
God bless you all

JM said...

Such a cute shot! :-)