Friday, August 28, 2009

Heavy Heart

We found out last week that our oldest daughter Rachel is getting remarried tomorrow,they are going to a JP and having a small reception at her house. I feel this should be a happy time for our family but I also feel this is not the right man for her and she's only been divorced a year. I have talked to her and voiced my concerns but they seem to fall on deaf ears, I have been praying about this and just feel its not right. They just seem to have to many disagreements on so many things and I'm trying to keep my mouth shut and just pray.What else can you do with grown children? besides want to wring their necks when they worry us to death. She's so smart in every other aspect of her life but when it comes to men she seems to pick the wrong ones.I'm sorry I just needed to vent and I hope I am wrong about this but please keep our family in your prayers and that my stress level will go down ,my main concern is Jace in all this his father has skipped out on him and I don't want him to get emotionally attached and have someone else leave also....Barb


Tara said...

I will surely be helping you pray about this. I can so relate to a mother's heavy heart! Have had a whole lot of that myself lately.
It is so difficult to sit back and watch our kiddos make decisions that will affect their futures in a not so good way! Especially when a child is involved.
Thanks for the sweet comments on my picture!
Have a blessed weekend and try not to worry too much. Hugs from Texas.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

I am sure this time everything will be alright ..All my best wishes are with you..Unseen Rajasthan

Wendy said...

Barb it is so hard to watch our children make decisions we know are not the best for them just keep praying because God can change things for the good!! god Bless!!

Jane said...

My heart goes out to you. I know it is so hard but you really can only advise and then hope for the best. You and your family will be in my prayers.

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh my sweetie, I can perfectly understand your mother heart. It's difficult to know how way is the right way that can promise happiness without pain.
Try to be calm and not worry too much.I think it looks difficult but we can pray and we have our faith.So, think positive okay!
God bless you all