Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kissing Bandit

Lauren I hope this kiss is for your mom!
Quick update new plumbing, the contractor comes Monday to start other repairs and paint (yeah!) Anybody that knows me knows that I hate messes so this has been a lesson in patience for me. We are also doing some repairs around the house, if we can make a deal on the condo and with the realtor we are going to try and sell our house so we will see what happens, we have come up with what we need to get for our house and a little extra to change some things on the condo so if its the right time maybe it will happen if not we will try again in a few years. Also we think we have found the reason for my facial pain a root fracture on one of my teeth so tomorrow under light sedation I am having it extracted and then after a few months healing replaced. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please and have a wonderful weekend....Barb


So blessed! said...

Hey Barb,
Sounds like things are beginning to come along with the house?
So glad you got to the root...(sorry) of the problem with your facial pain. I will be praying that all will go well and you will be pain free soon! AMEN!
Hugs from Texas.
Have a blessed weekend.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Barb I hope everything will be okay with your condo and house soon.
So sorry to know about your teeth.Please be patient, this kind of thing is really annoying but in the end the important thing is not to feel pain, and you will be okay.
Lauren is wonderful in this shot, she is sooo beautiful!
Take care dear Barb,
God bless you

Lisa said...



Unseen Rajasthan said...

Everything will be OK..Need not to worry...We all are with you..Unseen Rajasthan